For a beautiful bob haircut and style in Las Vegas, choose Tom Choisser at Eclips. This versatile hairstyle first became popular in the 1920s and it has gone through many transformations through the years. Today it gives us flirty and sophisticated variations that virtually anyone can wear. Bob hairstyles go with many different face shapes.

The Many Ways To Wear A Bob

Bob hairstyles can go from easy-going and casual to elegant and refined. Its appeal to many different tastes and the ease of styling and maintaining it makes it a very popular haircut. Add a nape undercut to help your hair hold the shape of the cut. Some variations of the bob haircut are:

  • Short Bob
  • Long Bob
  • A-line Bob
  • Choppy Bob
  • Inverted Bob

A Bob Hairstyle For All Face Shapes

  • The best bob cuts for the oval shape include longer sleek layers, even with a short bob. Add a blunt cut or side-swept bang for a chic look. A long, choppy bob hairstyle looks flirty and fun and is quick and easy to style. If your oval face is on the long side, the A-line bob haircut with a bit of curl is perfect.
  • A long straight bob haircut with side-swept bangs is great for the round face. Avoid the short bob hairstyles that might accentuate the roundness of the face. Keep curl at a minimum.
  • Longer bob hairstyles are great for the heart-shaped face. With tapered ends, this cut will beautifully accentuate the features of your heart-shaped face.
  • The medium bob haircut is a choice for someone with a square face. A graduated bob, ending a bit longer in the front, an inch or so below the jawline, softens the angle of the jaw.

Get A Bob Haircut In Las Vegas

Get the best bob haircut Las Vegas has to offer with Tom Choisser at Eclips. Whether you are looking for a complete change of style or just an update of your tried and true cut, he will deliver. Call today to make an appointment to get your ideal bob hairstyle.