The search for an amazing salon to do your Brazilian Blowout in Las Vegas ends at Yost Salons Exclusive. Beautiful hair that maintains its manageability for months after you leave the beauty salon is just one phone call away. It is time to leave ordinary hair to ordinary individuals. Take advantage of the exploding popularity of Brazilian hair straightening in Las Vegas.

Straight, Shiny, And Sexy Hair

Brazilian blowouts are taking the beauty world by storm. From models and actresses who need camera-ready hair to everyday women who are over straightening their hair morning after morning, ladies everywhere are enjoying worry-free hair days. The best part is that you can take advantage of this popular phenomenon with a professional Brazilian Blowout of your own.

Brazilian Blowout, Healthier Hair

Regardless of how many hours you spend washing, drying and straightening your hair with conventional, damaging heat hair straightening treatments, you will never achieve the same results that a professional Brazilian Blowout technique can accomplish. The science behind hair straightening revolves around utilizing a protein called keratin that naturally exists in the outer layer of human skin.

Customizable Brazillian Hair Straightening

With a Brazilian Blowout, you can even customize how straight you want your hair. We fortify the hair follicles with a specially formulated keratin treatment, designed to remain in your hair. This technique allows our salon experts to help you achieve a fresh, strong structure that cannot be achieved by traditional means. The unique keratin formula is infused into your hair follicles with the use of a hot iron.

Straightening For All Hair Types

Brazilian Blowouts

Some people question whether or not a Brazilian Blowout is right for their particular hair. The good news is that this technique can be safely performed on:

  • Color-treated Hair
  • Permed Hair
  • Relaxed Hair
  • Previously Straightened Hair
  • Untreated Hair

We are happy to walk you through the process of deciding whether a Brazilian Blowout hair straightening treatment is right for you. Your ideal look is always our goal.

A Vegas Brazilian Blowout

Don’t sit on the sidelines complaining about frizz for another second. Frizz-free living is possible. Treat yourself to a hair straightening blowout from the artistic stylists at Yost Salons Exclusive.

Our salon can help you get the straight, shiny mane you’ve always dreamed of. Because they are so popular, we perform Brazilian Blowouts in Las Vegas quite regularly. Let us get you the healthy hair straightening treatment that will take your look to the next level.

If you are ready for sleek, straight hair that really lasts, call to make an appointment for a Brazilian Blowout with one of our stylists today.