Let Tom Choisser at Eclips freshen up your look with some of the hottest, new, fashion hair-dying trends. Avoid the mess and damage of at home hair dying attempts. He can help you choose trendy hair colors and styles to match your skin tone and desired overall look. Leave the work to a professional and get the funky hair results you imagined.

  • Dimensional Peekaboos
  • Sea Kissed Ombre
  • Fading Colormelts
  • Pastel Multi-Tones
  • Galaxy Hair
  • Neon Hair

Not So Classic Ombre

The effect of ombre is excellent for those with long hairdos wishing only to dye the bottom portion of their hair. Leave your roots natural and untouched while still making a big, colorful impression.

Choose bright blues, purples, and greens for an underwater ombre ocean shimmer. Wondering how to style your new look? Curl long multi-colored locks for a windswept siren effect.

Fading Colormelts, The New Ombre

Similar to the ombre look, a faded color melt starts with a darker base shade, at the roots, and slowly fades into lighter colors as it reaches the tips of your hair, like a candle flame.

Imagine a popping bright neon or rich red faded down to sweet, pastel-colored ends.

Out Of This World Galaxy Hair

Mimic the sky or the universe with this bright multi-colored hairstyle. Galaxy hair starts with a dark midnight base and blends in light blues, pinks, and purples for a stellar space effect.

Gray Hair, Neon & Pastel Multi-Tones

Who would have ever guessed grey hair would become not only fashionable but coveted. Neutral grey and smoky metallic mixed with multi-colored pastels or neons are becoming a beautiful statement for both the young and young at heart.

How About A Little Peekaboo?

Prepare for the compliments. This mesmerizing effect will surprise both friends and strangers. Peekaboo hair color styles work for those who want to maintain a professional appearance while still sporting a bright hair color underneath. With a natural or different funky color on top, another tone hides on the underside of your hairdo.

Las Vegas Hair Any Color Of The Rainbow

Dream big and make your hair into a masterpiece that will brighten your day and bring joy to the people around you. Tom has the bright and fashion hair colors you’re looking for, like hot pink melt, red flame, teal, purple, ocean blue, highlighter yellow, emerald green, neon ultramarine, peacock blues and more. Call Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas for an appointment to get fun colored hair today.