Hair color specialist Tom Choisser at Eclips is one of the leading experts in hair color correction in Las Vegas. His process uses advanced coloring techniques to restore hair that has been damaged. Whether your hair isn’t the exact shade you imagined or it is weak from chemical damage, he can help. Ton Choisser can repair the damaged hair and give you the beautiful look you desire.

Get Help From A Color Correction Specialist

It is nearly impossible to obtain the color of your dreams using a home hair color solution. Tom Choisser can provide a hair color correction treatment in Las Vegas that creates the shade and highlights that look best on you. He can even correct coloring by stylists from other salons. Weakness and breakage may be caused by:

  • Leaving chemicals on hair too long
  • Harsh heating tools,
  • Frequent washings
  • Sun damage

If a stylist fails to recognize that a client’s hair is too unhealthy to color without re-hydration, they can cause further damage. Tom has helped thousands of women and men with hair damage, using a multi-faceted approach to hair color correction.

How He Will Help You Correct Your Hair Color

Tom believes that proper corrective coloring begins with determining the best shades and tones, for each client. He will start the color correction process by discussing your history, daily hair care regimen and beauty goals. Then, he will assess your current hair color and condition and then factor in the tone of your eyes and skin before choosing the hair color correction plan that is best for you.

Color Correcting Damaged Hair

If Tom decides that your hair is unhealthy due to chemical, heat, or environmental damage, he will recommend a plan that will restore your hair’s health. This process may include root repair, deep conditioning, re-hydration, and a daily hair care regimen using restorative cleansing products.

Advanced Coloring Techniques

Tom Choisser may use color-neutralizing techniques to make corrections and repair coloring mistakes. To correct highlights, he uses semi-permanent hair color products that last for several weeks. You can discuss the highlighting effects you wish to achieve and design the perfect solution for you during your appointment.

Maintain Your New Color

Tom wants to answer any questions you have regarding the color correction process. He also can suggest ways to maintain long-lasting, beautiful hair color. As an experienced hair specialist, he will teach you the proper ways to dry your hair and point out the best color enhancing shampoos and rinses.

Schedule A Color Correction Consultation Today

Take the first step in achieving the look you desire. Schedule a color correction consultation with Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas today. He offers convenient appointment times and a diverse experience level and vision to match your unique personality and style.