Tom Choisser at Eclips Salon is a professional hairstylist and your source for great curly haircuts in Las Vegas. He has the expertise to make sure you get a cut that suits your personal style and your natural twists. See what a difference a master stylist can make for an easier to manage curly hairdo.

Curly Hair Can Be A Challenge

People with naturally curly hair have all heard those with straight hair romanticize about how fantastic it must be to have a lions mane of corkscrew ringlets or bouncy long tresses that spiral and zig-zag whichever way. In reality, having curly hair can be a challenge. It’s not easy to wake up in the morning with a tangled mess that takes over an hour to fix.

Embrace Your Beautiful Curls

Many women with curly hair simply run a flat hot iron through their coveted curls. Heating your hair every day can eventually cause damage and frizz. Tom Choisser can help you embrace your natural curls. He’ll get you a trendy new tamed haircut for curly hair that is out of your face and easy to style. The best edgy and versatile curly haircuts for men and women include:

  • The Bouffant Bob
  • The Fierce Mohawk
  • Long Bohemian Waves
  • The Inverted Shaggy Bob

Be Brave, Go Super Short

Sci-fi films of the 21st century have popularized super cute, short, curly hair for both men and women. Some short dos such as the 1960’s James Dean quiff take time and pomade to get right. Curly pixie cuts and curly-hawks are supposed to stay bed-head messy and take minutes to fix up in the morning.

A Sweet, Bouncy, Medium Cut

Combine curly layers with straightened side-swept bangs for a truly unique asymmetrical look. For playful romantic flair, try medium curly hair in a bouncy bob that always falls perfectly even when you’ve rolled out of bed. Hair specialist Tom Choisser can show you how to work with or manipulate your curls into a tame and controllable shape you love.

Long Cuts Are Versatile & Fun

Depending on the tightness of your curls and your preference of fashion, a long curly hairstyle can help weigh down those hard to tame curls. This creates a wavy windswept look you can easily comb with your fingers. With so many different updo options for long curly haircuts, he can help consult with you on fantastic ways to enjoy your natural waves and kinky curls.

Schedule Your Curly Haircut In Las Vegas

Taming curls can be a major hassle. Tom can help. Having a haircut that matches your personality as well as accentuating your facial features and silhouette requires artful forethought by someone with experience. Tom Choisser at Eclips salon can’t wait to be your new favorite curly haircut salon. Call today to schedule your next appointment.