Hair highlights are a very popular salon service with Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas. Both his regular and new customers appreciate the opportunity to update their look without gaudy changes. By opting for highlights, you can alter your look absent a dramatic shift from your existing tones. Highlighting can also help to transition when you are in the middle of growing out your current style, or you find yourself in that awkward in-between stage.

Why Get Highlights & Lowlights?

Hair highlights and lowlights provide a great way to update your look without making too dramatic a change. They’re ideal when you’re growing out your current style and you’re in that awkward, in-between stage when you don’t really like your hair.

Here’s How It Works

Highlights are the process of adding color to different sections of hair to lighten and brighten its appearance. You can add even more depth with the application of several color shades for a multifaceted, shimmering look that still appears natural. In order to keep with this natural look, it is important only to go three to four shades lighter than your natural hair color. Depending on the application technique you can have highlights applied in chunks for a more dramatic contrast, or in thin sections for a more blended effect. Highlights have universal appeal because they can be applied with great success to all types of hair, regardless of length, style or condition of hair.

Take The Plunge

Any length, style or condition of the hair can benefit from hair highlights. To keep the natural look of your existing color no more than three or four shades lighter or darker should be used. Take the plunge. Go for a more natural look using highlights. You will be very happy with the results. For hair highlights in Las Vegas, call Tom Choisser at Eclips today for your hair enhancement appointment and consultation.