Tom Choisser at Eclips is the number one choice for hair masks & oil treatments in Las Vegas. As an expert stylist, he will consult with you on the best treatment options for your hair type and current level of damage. Salon treatments can also be used to help prevent damage from occurring in the first place.

Many Benefits For Your Hair

When it comes to salon treatments for damaged hair, there are many benefits. A repairing hair mask is like giving your hair a facial. This is especially important if your fair is frequently stressed by color treatments or hot styling tools, like flat irons and blow dryers. Just some of the benefits of a mask or oil treatment include:

Deep Conditioning & Scalp Care

Bleached hair often means frizzy hair, so if you regularly lighten your hair, you probably need a deep conditioning treatment. Professional hair masks are designed to both repair and hydrate, restoring the lost moisture and smoothing your hair cuticle. Moisturized hair is stronger and better able to stand up to daily styling without creating more damage. Repairing hair masks are not just good for your hair, they can increase blood flow to your scalp, too. This can loosen and remove buildup from styling products like mousse, gel, and hairspray.

Prevent Split Ends & Add Volume

It’s better to prevent split ends than to try and repair them. Hair masks from Tom Choisser are designed to strengthen your hair to avoid or minimize split ends by protecting hair from heat and chemical damage. Preventing damage is especially important if you are growing your hair out and want to trim as little as possible. When you opt for a luxurious hair mask for damaged hair, it also adds volume and thickness by coating the hair shaft. This is a great added benefit for those with fine hair.

Hair Masks & Oil Treatments in Las Vegas

Have damaged hair? Don’t wait until it gets worse. Trust the best in Las Vegas and book an appointment with Tom Choisser at Eclips for a hair mask or oil treatment. You’ll be turning heads with smoother, shinier, thicker hair. You deserve it.