For professional hair straightening in Las Vegas, choose Tom Choisser at Eclips Salon for smoothing treatments like the ever-popular Brazilian Blowout. Tom offers professional treatments for a sleek look you’ll love. Hair straightening and can be performed on all types of chemically treated hair including bleached, highlighted, colored, permed, relaxed, or previously straightened locks.

Daily Flat Ironing Is Hard Work

Tired of the tangle? Trying to get and manage straight hair on your own takes a lot of time. You have to pick the right iron, plan ahead for a night out, and pack extra tools on trips away. Daily ironing can also result in damage which causes even more tangles and flyaways. Don’t burn your beautiful hair. If you are looking for temporary hair straightening, he’s here to help you do it the right way. He also specializes in the following options for smoother hair:

  • Brazilian Blowouts
  • Keratin Treatments
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments
  • Frizz Control Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Flat Ironing For Special Events

Brazilian Blowouts, Healthier Hair

Tom Choisser offers semi-permanent Brazilian Blowout treatments to eliminate the curl and frizz that make your hair seem unruly. Within a few hours, you walk away looking polished, not poofy. You get healthier hair and the look you want without all the effort of manual daily flat ironing.

How Does Keratin Straightening Work?

When you get a Brazilian Blowout or keratin hair straightening treatment, your hair is semi-permanently straightened with specially formulated chemicals. The results last for months, not days. As your hair begins to naturally grow, the new growth will need to be treated to make certain you maintain your smooth, straight hair.

Professional Hair Straightening In Las Vegas

If you are looking for professional hair straightening in Las Vegas, come to see the experienced stylist Tom Choisser at Eclips. He’s here to help you with temporary smoothing or semi-permanent options. Call now to set up an appointment for hair straightening. Tom Choisser looks forward to giving you the ease and beauty of healthy, straight hair without the daily fuss and damage.