Layered haircuts from Tom Choisser at Eclips Salon in Las Vegas are the fastest way to take your uninspiring hair from drab to fab. Layers add volume and style to a boring haircut. Among the many amazing layered haircuts, in Las Vegas that are popular today, you will surely find one that matches your personal taste. Tom specializes in layers for all hair types, long, short and medium hairstyles. Even if your hair is curly, layers can add body, depth, and texture.

Layered Haircuts For Medium Hair

The best way to revitalize your medium length hairstyle is to add a few layers. There are several layered haircuts from which one may choose. By adding layers, you add texture and shape to your hair. Tom Choisser at Eclips will help you determine the style that is most appropriate for your hair and facial structure. If you have curly hair, layering will help to add some depth, giving your hair more body. Adding layers to thicker hair will “lighten” the hair, add bounce and keep the medium length you desire. He will help to steer you toward the best layered haircut for your bone structure and style.

Layered Haircuts For Long Hair

Having long hair gives you the benefit of endless styling options. Tom can help you select from one of today’s hottest layered haircuts for long hair. Next time you book with him, don’t shy away from a layered haircut. It’s a unique option that can transform your long locks into a show-stopping head of hair. Layers are a great way to alternate hairstyles without committing to a drastic change. Long haircuts with a layered look are hot right now, and the trend will be around for a long time to come.

Why Choose Yost Salons Exclusive

Choose Tom Choisser at Eclips for your next layered haircut in Las Vegas. Let him create a look that will express your personal energy and style. He can help you discover the most attractive layered look to coincide with your hair texture, color, and facial structure. Whether you are looking for a drastic change or to add some life to your hairstyle, Tom is the right stylist for you. Call to set an appointment today and he will create a new look that is perfect for you.