Lowlights are a wildly fashionable choice among clients of Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas. It is an effective and non-dramatic way to update your look with the use of a subtle color application. Lowlights add dimension and a multifaceted appeal to your look with the professional application of darker strands of color. You can revitalize your look or transition out of your current style.

Subtle Color Application

Lowlights are color strips applied to the hair that is three to four shades lighter. They often work best with blondes or people with light brown hair, but with an expert approach, they can be successfully applied to even darker hair. If your look is feeling washed out or could use a little depth, you could benefit from a professional lowlight treatment from Tom.

Lowlights & Highlights

Lowlights are occasionally used in conjunction with highlights to create additional depth. This combination is a colorist’s version of a layered haircut and can often be used in conjunction with the perfect cut to bring out the best you. Lowlights can be applied in larger chunks of color for more distinction or in thin strips for a more blended effect. Fall and Winter are often a favorite time of year for lowlights; however, their impact is impressive any time of the year for the person who wants to keep a fresh look.

Lowlights In Las Vegas

If you are in the Las Vegas area and want the best salon for lowlights in the valley, call Tom Choisser at Eclips for an appointment today. Not everyone is looking to lighten up their look. Some of us are already sporting lighter locks and want to add a little bit of drama and depth. Lowlights can be just the thing to update or sophisticate your style.