Tom Choisser at Eclips specializes in ombre hair color. The ombre hairstyle is a no-fuss way to layout multiple colors in your hair without spending hours and extra dollars on the traditional way of putting highlights in your hair.

The best part about an ombre is that you cannot go wrong. There are many styles of that can be achieved, and it is constantly changing as your hair grows out, even in between color jobs.

Which Ombre Hair Style Is Best?

Depending on your style and budget, you should take in consideration which ombre hairstyle is best for you. Going more “natural” will, of course, cost you less and require less maintenance. A more bold approach to the ombre, with bright colors, will take a little more work on your part and a slightly larger investment.
Ombre Hair Style

  1. Consider your profession before you go with the bolder shades. Celebrities have started a trend that looks like dual-toned “grown out” color, which, makes it easier on those of us who just don’t have the time to head to the salon every few weeks for a retouch. However, the more creative a person chooses to be with their color shading, the more attention they may receive.
  2. Choose light to dark shades that will compliment your skin tone. A person can choose one to three colors to shade for the ombre effect. We suggest in the summer, shoot for lighter more vibrant shades, and in the colder months, choose cooler ash tones with a darker root base.
  3. If there has been a previous color, you will not be able to achieve the ombre effect successfully without some color correction. Though it may look easy to do your own ombre, it is not recommended to try it at home – it is necessary to visit a professional establishment for the best results. Tom Choisser at Eclips is here to help.

The Low Maintenance Look

Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas can update your look with ombre coloring and help you forget all the high maintenance highlights and time-consuming touch-ups. The faded-out ombre color is extremely low-maintenance, especially for the ladies that love a sun-kissed look without the hard work. Call to book your next appointment today.