Tom Choisser at Eclips Salon in Las Vegas, NV, knows that a change to your hairstyle can make a change to your life–and for some, a pixie haircut is exactly the change you’re looking for. This contemporary look is perfect for a woman on the go. Experience this transformation in the chair of one of a master stylist.

Ready For A New Edge?

Timeless yet modern, the pixie hairstyle gives off a seductive, mischievous and no-nonsense vibe. From Audrey Hepburn to Halle Berry and Katie Perry, these short styles make a big statement. Not only will you upgrade your glamour quotient, but you’ll also experience the ease of styling with this wash-and-go cut. For the minimalist fashionista, what better haircut is there?

Whether you’re feeling the urge for a playful look or wanting an always fashion-forward cut, consider one of the following variations of the pixie:

  • Long Or Curly Haired Pixie
  • The Short Pixie Cut
  • Tapered Pixie Hair

The Carefree Short Pixie Cut

The short pixie cut is usually from very short (approximately 1/2 inch to an inch) to moderately short (1 to 2 inches). You’ll have a little room to play depending on what you decide to do with the sides and top. If you choose to go shorter on the sides and leave a little extra on the top, you’ll get a structured, yet slighted, carefree look.

The Feminine Tapered Pixie

With hair on the sides and back gradually getting shorter, this cut creates texture and movement with longer angled top layers. This edgy haircut is so versatile that most women can rock it regardless of their hair type. With an exposed nape of the neck, longer bangs on top, or even an asymmetrical element, you’ll capture that rock-star quality with minimal effort.

The Sexy Long Pixie Cut

For a softer hairstyle that produces a stunning and sexy look. Go for the long pixie. This version uses softer lines and edges with more graduated angles. This particular style also works well if you want a pixie cut for curly or wavy hair. You get a tousled, shaggy beach hair vibe. You can easily dress it up for the 9-5 look and then still be ready to play after hours on the Strip.

Say Hello To The New You

Let Tom Choisser at Eclips breathe new life into your old style. He wants to help you find the perfect look to compliment your personal style. Call him at the salon today for your pixie cut appointment.