For Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas, professional hair bleaching is a serious business. While blondes may have more fun, a botched blonde spends a good deal of time regretting her decision to process her hair at home. If you’re looking for luscious, eye-catching locks that stand out in a crowd, then Tom Choisser invites you to experience a professional hairstylist.

Transitioning To Blonde In Las Vegas

You too can have a dramatic new look that is stylish, unique and expressive. When you decide to transition to blonde – and depending on your starting color – the transformation may take time to effectively perform based on the result you want. If you’re looking to ease into the new look, a two-part salon visit may be in order. With this approach, you can initially lighten your hair and then follow up with an all-over professional hair bleaching on visit two. Some people prefer the dramatic entry into life as a blonde, and in those cases, Tom can usually perform the transformation in one appointment.

Save The Bleaching For The Salon

professional hair bleachingThe old adage “You get what you pay for” has never been truer than when it comes to bleaching your hair. So many women are frustrated when they fail to achieve the depth of color or correct tone when self-applying at home. Tom Choisser is trained to understand which level of blonde works best with certain skin tones and can adjust processing times to help achieve the best result.

Help For Damaged Hair

In addition to being satisfied with the result, Tom Choisser at Eclips can also help prevent some of the disastrous results reported by those who’ve done at-home bleaching. For example, over-bleached hair can fall out in the sink leaving you with less hair and unsightly patches. There are also times when hair isn’t healthy enough to be processed, and an application of hair bleach could further damage it. He can help suggest at-home treatments to strengthen and fortify the hair to restore it to a healthy state that can stand up to a bleaching treatment.

Leave It To The Experts

Bleaching is one of the strongest processes you can do to alter your hair. Sometimes it’s best to sit back and relax in a salon chair, knowing that you’re in the skilled hands of a professional. To make an appointment and stop Las Vegas in its tracks with your new look, contact Tom Choisser at Eclips today.