Client Reviews

“Tom is talented and creative both in styling and is a color.. I am amazed at his results and recommend him highly. Let him do his thing and you will be pleasantly surprised!” – Rhonda
“Honestly, Thomas is now the best hair dresser I could ask for. He has an eye for color and skin tone! I can’t tell you how many people think my blonde hair is my own color! Prices are sooooo reasonable and Mickey has taught Thomas well, so no complaints! We all miss Mickey, of course, yet his talent lives on in his best friend, Thomas!” – Carrie
“Trained by the master, and it shows. Technique, knowledge, creativity, and fairly priced, who could ask for more!!!!!” – Nancy
“I have been going to Tom for over 5 years and love him and the work he does on my hair. He does color and cut and I was get a lot of compliments. I always recommend him. Thanks Tom!” – Norreta
“I have been coming to Tom for over 15 years. He has been wonderful to me and knows the business of beautiful hair and how to make me look good. Keep it real Tom…” – Suhair
“I get so many compliments after Thomas does my hair. He does a great job on the color. It’s super pretty and everyone loves it!” – Hannah
“I love Thomas! He had been doing my hair for three years and my color looks awesome and I always get compliments! I highly recommend him.” – Jaclyn
"Tom Choisser is an outstanding hairdresser who works diligently to make sure the client is satisfied and happy with their salon experience. I have been his client for several years and I highly recommend him. He is flexible with appt. times and is always prepared for your visit." – Karen D.