If you’re looking for expert root touch up in Las Vegas, visit Tom Choisser at Eclips. Whether you want to color your gray hair or you want to change up your hair color, he has what it takes. He offers services to men and women of all ages and will help you get just the right look you’ve always wanted.

The Battle of New Growth

Hair can grow up to an inch in one month. If you’re trying to grow your locks out, that can be a good thing. But, if you have color-treated hair, it can be a bit of a battle. Do you have some stubborn greys that are creeping out sooner than you’d like? Perhaps your new growth is messing with your current hair color? Overall frequent hair coloring can be expensive and can be damaging to your hair. What’s the solution? Root touch-ups! Root touch-ups will save your hair and your look!

Root Touch-Ups to the Rescue!

Tom Choisser at Eclips knows just how to make your hair color last without breaking the bank. When you come to visit him, he will cover up the new growth, extending your hair color at a fraction of the cost of overall hair coloring. Root touch-ups are a great way to keep your hair looking fantastic.

Yost Salons Exclusive is the Place to Go

Whether you are looking to freshen up your hair color or completely change your look, Tom Choisser is the man to see. He offers a variety of hair coloring services, including:

Not only does he want to make your hair look good, but he wants it to feel good and healthy as well. He uses natural and organic products to keep your hair looking and feeling fabulous.

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For professional root touch-up services, book with Tom Choisser at Eclips in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call or visit us today so that he can give you a look you love.