Count on Tom Choisser at Eclips to help you flaunt a new hairstyle for your next special event. He offers the latest haircuts and hairstyles for any occasion. Tom Choisser offers a range of hairstyles for proms, weddings, dances or bachelorette parties. He’s an experienced hairstylist with the capability to accommodate any style that you are looking for.

Curls & UpDo’s

The most common formal look that most ladies choose for weddings, parties, and other special events is the up-do. If you want luxurious curls that stay in place the entire day and night, let Tom help you get the look you are going for. Your locks will hold their place and look lovely in photos for years.

Look Great For Your Next Las Vegas Special Event

You can rely on Tom Choisser’s professional skills for your upcoming special event and many more special occasions in the future. Don’t underestimate his skills – you will not have a common hairstyle. Your new hair cut or style will not only complement your appearance but will also reflect your inner persona.

Try A Straight Look

He offers a variety of hair-straightening treatments such as silk glaze, keratin treatments, flat iron hair straightening, and Brazilian Blowouts. If you have curly or matted hair, he also has the option of hair relaxers to straighten your hair for your upcoming special event.

Lovely Hair Extensions

Tom provides a range of hair extensions from straight to curly. There are many hair extension options that you can buy or have him apply for you. One option is the hairlocs system. These extensions do not involve sewing, glue, or heat and are applied without any braiding. These types of extensions perfectly blend with your hair and look like your own natural hair. You can count on Tom for amazing hair extensions for your next special event.

Personalized Styles

Tom creates a variety of haircuts that will suit your face and your type of hair (straight, curly or wavy). He offers personalized hairstyles that are ideal for special events like a prom or a wedding ceremony. You’ll feel revitalized with a stimulating scalp massage, shampoo, and blow-dry. If you are looking for hair coloring for your event, we specialize in low lighting and highlighting.

Contact Tom Choisser Today

Choose Tom Choisser at Eclips Salon when you need a fantastic hairstyle for your next party, wedding, bachelorette party, prom, or other special events. You’ll feel relaxed and completely satisfied before you leave the beauty salon. Tom is one of the best stylists and is proficient in all the newest hair styling methods.