Keep your hair and appearance updated with trims and touch-ups by professional stylist Tom Choisser at Eclips. Tom is a Las Vegas hairstylist offering some of the best in hair and personal care in both the Vegas and Henderson areas.

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

The debate on how often you should get a trim varies among an individual’s hair goals and the extent of chemical treatments. Do you want to keep your hair long? Is your hair chemically treated and if so, how often? It is important to keep in mind that most hair grows on average a half-inch per month. The longer your hair, the older your ends are, which means you would need to trim it more often to prevent breakage and split ends. If you keep a shorter hairstyle, you will want to maintain your look by getting a trim every six to eight weeks.

Hair Grows Longer & Healthier When Trimmed

Fact: Your hair will stay healthier and stronger while maintaining consistent hair trims. While split ends destroy your hair texture and growth, you can beat this damage by keeping up with a trim every six to eight weeks. Heat and chemically treated hair are especially susceptible to split ends. Investing in a professional blow dryer as well as shampooing every two to three days will also help in preventing split ends. If your hair is longer, your ends have been subjected to much more damage resulting in split ends and breakage.

The longer you go without a trim, the more your stylist will need to cut off the dead ends to bring your hair back to a healthy state. It is important for men, as well as women, to keep up on regular hair trims to maintain healthy-looking hair. You’ll also save money in the long run because fixing damaged hair can be very costly.

Stylist Recommendations

Tom Choisser may have different recommendations for a trim schedule depending on your hair. For example, if you have fine hair, you may have to visit the salon more regularly than those with thick hair. It is important to discuss the health of your hair with your him, as he knows how best to maintain your hair based on hair products and chemicals they use on your hair.

Keep Your Hair Stylish & Healthy

As a highly trained professional hairstylist, Tom Choisser at Eclips knows what it takes to keep your hair looking healthy and stylish. If your hair doesn’t come out exactly how you like it, Tom is more than happy to fix it and do touch-ups for free. He not only wants to keep your hair healthy with regular trims, but he also wants you to feel happy and confident with your hairstyle. Call to make an appointment today.